Wedding Vows!

To have and to hold and as long as we shall both live… All too familiar words in a wedding ceremony and the most important the infamous ‘Wedding Vows’. Traditionally in countries like Sri Lanka the option of the couple writing their own vows is not even an option!!! However, in recent times with inter-racial marriages more of the westernized traditions have migrated to todays ceremonies. 

So how does one start to work on these heartfelt words? Few suggestions to get you by!

1. Make sure both of you agree to write them, just because you can write that does not mean your partner is able to so don’t put him or her on the spot.

2. If writing is not your thing maybe you can incorporate a signing vow ! I know it’s unconventional and I am not talking about  a chorus and several verses, a simple two line verse can do wonders ! 

3. Since the wedding process is extremely strict here check with your wedding official what sort of wording can be incorporated.

4. Hit a few websites and poetry books , there is no shame in getting some help in penning your vows!

5. Finally, have fun with it, it’s going to be an integral part of your big day so throw your woes in to the wind and write it from your heart !

#vows #poetry #Love 


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