Will you be my bridesmaid?

After that magical 3 letter word ‘Yes’ has been said and the butterflies has been subdued it’s time to get in to the ultimate wedding planning process. A wedding is the most special thing for a girl and it’s something we as the female species has been dreaming about for our entire life. Therefore, we demand PERFECTION for this event! So what is the first step of planning this magical day? Find your support system and by that I mean select your maid-of-honour and bridesmaids. So how do you get them excited about your special day? Here are a few creative ideas to ‘propose’ to your bridal party!

General Tip

When picking your bridal party pick who you are most comfortable with – it doesn’t matter if your best friend is married or single, have the person who can put up with your nonsense next to you as your maid/matron of honour. If you are not choosing a specific maid of honour and instead general bridesmaids ensure that all those in the party get along with you and also with each other. Nobody wants to handle a cat fight on their wedding day!


Charm Bracelets : This is a tried and tested method by me! It is a cute and memorable way to pop the question to your bridesmaids. Select charms specific to your best memories and deliver a handwritten note asking if she would be your maid of honour/bridesmaid. This is sure to be a heartwarming moment for both of you!


Will you be my bridesmaid kit: A trending topic during recent times and another unique way of making your bridal party feel special. The concept is to put together items that is personal to the both of you or specifically to her. The kit can include anything from nail polish to popping candy. The best part about this kit is it can be customised for each bridesmaid and is a fun project to do! 

For customised kits leave a message on the ‘About’ page and I will get back to you!

Locket Rings : keeping in line with the art of ‘popping the question’, you can custom order locket rings to propose to your bridal party. These rings come with a locket on top where you can place a picture of the both of you or a message. It can be presented in the ring box it self and it can also be engraved.


Childhood Nostalgia: Another simple but effective idea is to pick an item from your shared childhood and present it with a note. For an example if you both were big fans of the ‘Flintstones’ growing up then you can create character cutouts with the message printed on it or use actual stones and paint the message. Its all about making it authentic and unique so that the bridal party feels part of your big day.

Bridesmaid/maid of honour robes: Robes have become and intergral part of the wedding reptouire in recent years most of the time with matching robes for the bridal party. Why not use it to ask them to join your bridal party? you can either buy customised robes online or get a local seamestress to make the same and ensure the names/titles are monogrammed at the back. Using a good fabric such as silk can add a touch of elegance to this affair.


There are so many ideas and ways to pop this question to your bridal party and make it a special day for them too all it takes is a little bit of thought and creativity!

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